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It’s industry-standard that two of the most important factors when building your brand and driving traffic to your website are high-performing SEO and the consistent creation of great content. At it'seeze we understand that when creating quality content and building strong SEO it takes more than overloading an article with keywords and H1 headlines. 
As a web design company, we know that when creating quality content, it’s important to focus on several initial content building blocks. These include target audience, identifying impactful images, correct use of vivid vibrant videos, a natural witty writing style, tight tone and language. What’s more - and hugely important for improving your website’s Google rank - is a high standard of SEO, keyword and word count efficiency. 
Grabbing the reader’s attention firstly in your H1 headlines and secondly in subheadings and paragraphs is an essential aspect of all great content - whether you’re creating an Instagram post or a 5000-word white paper. The it'seeze Wimbledon team believe that failing to capture the audience’s attention from the get-go, is as damaging to content as failing to pursue a project to its conclusion. 

Targeting content toward your audience 

At it'seeze we’re aware that there’s no point in writing incredible content if the content isn’t tailored toward your target audience. Questions that need to be asked before beginning any project are; what kind of content are you writing; who are you writing for; and have you researched the target audience? It’s also worthwhile researching any content previously published on the subject. 
Researching your audience and any previous content allows you to analyse whether there is a ready-made audience available and what types of content will resonate with them. Social media platforms are a good gauge for assessing what content drives engagement, offers the most likes, shares, audience comments, etc. They also give you the opportunity to assess metadata, H1 headlines, and you can also find out which types of content, video content, blogs, etc, are most effective. 
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Does your content promote the product? 

As a web design company, it'seeze understands the importance of promoting the product, whether the role of the content is to increase online traffic, create awareness, advertise a new product or attract new clients. Firstly within your headline and secondly within the opening paragraph your content should explain to the audience what’s on offer. Following that, the main body of content should tell the customer the reasons why they can’t afford to miss the opportunity. 
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Visually striking images and videos are essential 

When creating great content, it’s essential to keep a hold of your audience’s attention, and the best way to do this is by breaking up large amounts of text with eye-catching images and easy to follow videos. Doing this allows your reader time to break down the previous information, while offering them a break from written content. 
Attention spans are fickle and overloading your reader with info is a quick-fire way to turn them off. If your content includes in-depth data, it’s a great idea to include stat and graph boxes as this will break up text and help to explain important information. 
To chat to a member of the it’seeze team about making the most of your image and web design click here

SEO and keywords bring your content to life online 

Great content deserves to be seen by your target audience, and by providing your content with a high standard of quality SEO and keywords you can ensure your content reaches everyone in your target audience. For more on SEO, take a look at our beginner’s guide to the importance of SEO and its effect on your online business. 
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How to use the correct keywords with it'seeze 

Search engines rely on keywords to filter your content and reach an audience, quite simply the better targeted your keywords, the more likely your content will be seen by people looking for your product on search engines. You should typically include keywords within your meta descriptions, SEO title tags and article titles within the first paragraph, throughout the whole body of content, and also when writing your conclusion. 
It’s also important when using keywords that they directly connect with the content you’re creating. This is because if Google thinks you’re overloading content to supercharge your SEO, and it negatively affects both user engagement and user enjoyment, your content will almost certainly be demoted on the search engine, lowering the potential reach of your audience. 
Customer reviews can boost your Google ranking, by building trust in your brand, improving clickthrough rates and more. 

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It’s important when creating great content that your website’s performance is as efficient as possible. Regardless of whether you’re creating regular content containing world-class, professional SEO, a slow or outdated website that hinders the user experience will destroy any chance you have of increasing content audience reach or improving your search engine rank. 
A professional web design and easy user navigation will help to provide a boost to your search engine rank, other aspects such as your website’s loading speed, and regular maintenance are of equal importance to your search engine rank, as regularly publishing great content.  

Using a copywriter, it'seeze as 1,2,3 

Rather than resign yourself to giving up even more of your precious time, it could be worthwhile hiring a copywriter to create great content for your brand. A copywriter will be able to perfectly tailor content to your audience, will know the exact tone and language needed for the content, will be able to focus on the needs of the audience while being able to differ tone and language between various platforms. They’ll also offer a professional standard of blogging, social media content creation, and various forms of content for your website. 

Contact the it'seeze team 

If you’re a business owner in Wimbledon, Battersea, Clapham, Brixton, or Putney, and are looking for someone to provide ongoing expert support or are wishing to modernise your business with a custom-designed website, it'seeze is here to help. There’s nothing that our team of friendly experts enjoy more than assisting local businesses and helping them reach a greater level of success. 
Whatever your business needs, from web design to hosting or domain registration to technical maintenance, or even email support, we’ll take care of everything. That’ll leave you with more time to take care of the essential day-to-day running of a successful business. 
To speak to a member of our team at it'seeze, or to have them call you back at a time that’s convenient for you, click here
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